The Compact C1 Pure Suction Canister is ideal for users with mostly hard flooring. While this model can handle low pile carpeting and the occasional area rug, it excels on hard surfaces. This model comes standard. with two flooring attachments.

The new Miele vacuums are here. Well there kinda new….The canister vacuums have gotten a new series number. They are now the “Classic” Compact, and the Complete.” C1,…C2,…C3,..

The upright vacuums are now the Dynamic series U1. Other than these changes the newest system is the Dynamic U1 Maverick upright and the  Electro plus canister.

Ok now I admit that when I was offered to test the S7 Bolero upright vacuum from Miele I was not expecting much. My wife pretty much had cleaning our home down to a science using our old Kirby vacuum. Convincing her to give the Miele a try was a task in itself. When I got the Miele home I quickly unwrapped the unit and put it on our home scale. It weighed in at 13 lbs. Almost 10 pounds less of what our Kirby was!  My next comparison was suction capabilities. The Miele was incredible at removing everything from our carpets. This vacuum is so smooth and almost impossibly quiet. I could talk all the time I was vacuuming and instead of that smelly old vacuum smell we used to get with other vacuums , we were both surprised at the clean smelling air that the vacuum was expelling  back in our living area. What is really great about the Miele bolero is that the beater bar in the Power brush is driven by a separate motor, which can be switched on and off. This is great for cleaning wood floors and tiles. You truly can feel the quality of this superb vacuum cleaner . Over all we gave the Miele a perfect 10 for usability and quality. Needless to say we are keeping the Miele and putting the old Kirby on craigslist. We love our new Miele S7 upright vacuum cleaner.


As miele vacuum cleaners are becoming increasingly popular due to their value people are always wondering how they can find and authorized miele dealer online. This isn’t too tough, but you always want to be sure you’re dealing with an authorized dealer so that you receive your full warranty if there are any mishaps with the vacuum cleaner.

So how can you tell that you’re dealing with an authorized dealer or just a random person who’s being supplied under the table? First you should take a look at their website. Does it seem professional? Miele vacuum dealers take a lot of time to present their companies in a well made and professional format. If you are purchasing your vacuum off EBay, Amazon, or other auction sites you should be wary. Sometimes individuals can get a hold of miele vacuums and then sell them in unauthorized venues. This can cause the product to have a void warranty if you have a problem down the road.

Once you have established that a company is an authorized on miele dealer, you should then check to see if they are a diamond dealer or not. Diamond dealers are held in the highest prestige, as the diamond dealer logo signifies their presence as one of the top miele dealers in the nation. These dealers most always have sales people that have very detailed knowledge of the products rather than new hire sales staff that doesn’t know the in’s and out’s of the vacuum. They will be a lot more helpful in your search and help distinguish between the different variables in cleaning power and filtration.

If you are searching for a qualified and authorized online miele dealer, you can visit We carry the largest selection of miele accessories and vacuums on the market, and are ready to help answer any questions you might have.

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The Miele Olympus is the entry level vacuum cleaner and is the lowest priced model that is offered by Miele. Released within the last couple of years, it is part of the S2 series of vacuum cleaners that are geared towards a more price-conscious consumer who still want the quality vacuum cleaners that Miele has to offer but are on a tighter budget. These miele vacuums have a slightly smaller motor than their higher quality cousins, the S6 series, but still have a better cleaning ability than anything that is available in the big box stores such as walmart, kmart, kohls, & other corporate retailers.

Home Use Test:

Hardwood & Tile Floors – When we used the Olympus on hardwood and tile floors it worked fantastic! We knew it would work pretty well, as this canister is designed to be used primarily in homes that have all hard surface flooring. At my home we have two black labs with really waxy hair, and one golden retriever who has a longer thinner hair. The vacuum made pretty easy work of the pet hair and didn’t have trouble with crumbs either. In terms of dust and other dirt that has settled on the floor it did a decent job picking it up, but we didn’t like how it pushed some of the large pieces of dirt in front of the brush.

Area Rugs – When we switched the multi-floor tool to the area rugs setting it lifted up the brushes so we could move it more easily. When we used this multi-floor tool on a short pile area rug it worked really well too. Any crumbs, dirt, and pet hair seemed to come off pretty easily and didn’t stick to the carpet. When we attempted to use the same floor tool on a high pile area rug it proved to be pretty tough to push along and didn’t clean nearly as well.

Carpeting  –  As with the area rugs the floor tool that comes with the miele Olympus proves to be a little tough to push over carpeting. Its lack of a rotating brush roll makes it pretty evident that it’s mainly designed for use on hardwoods and tiles. Overall we weren’t too happy with the cleaning this vacuum did on carpeting.

Other Factors to Consider:

Overall Durability – We looked at this in’s and out’s of the Olympus and it seems to be pretty durable, but not nearly as well built as its more expensive brethren. When miele decided they were going to come out with a cheaper machine, you can tell that they had to cut a few corners here and there in order to get the cost down. This vacuum cleaner is still going to be more durable than anything found in your local walmart, but when you compare it to the S5, S6, S7, or soon to come S8 series there is a lack of superior design and use of higher grade materials.

Filtration – The miele Olympus comes standard with the air clean filter, which is their lowest grade filtration system. This vacuum is not designed for people who suffer from bad allergies. Those who do have allergies and are looking for a miele vacuum should consider the S6 series or the miele titan, which includes a HEPA filter. The S2 series also does not have a completely sealed system, which makes sure that all dust is retained and sent through the filtration system.

Attachments – Though this machine does come with all the standard attachments such as a hardwood floor & rug multi-tool, dusting brush, crevice tool, & upholstery tool it lacks an attachment that will work really well on carpet. It does not have a turbo attachment with a rotating brushroll or an electric powerbrush.

Overall Recommendation:

For those who are looking for a quality miele vacuum that is going to outlast anything in the big department stores by atleast 10+ years, they should consider the miele Olympus. However, if your home has more than hardwood floors, tiles, or other hard surface flooring you should go with a model that has an electric power brush such as the miele titan or miele topaz. If you have over 50% carpeting in your home you should go with an S5 series full size vacuum such as the miele Callisto or Leo.

When someone is searching for miele vacuum cleaners bags, they should be aware that there are a lot of imitation and generic bags out there that are not up to par when it comes to overall filtration ability. These bags may come with a price that is sweet at first glance, but when the bitterness of poor quality and filtration sets in the customer is never happy. These imitation and generic bags are marketed under the filtrete and envirocare brands and have been proven to let up to 288x more harmful particulates through the bag and out of the exhaust of your miele vacuum cleaner.

So how do you know if you’re getting genuine miele vacuum cleaner bags? The genuine bags will always be pictured with a miele box and are a much higher quality material than the imitators. They also will be red, blue, or green in color on the plastic tab that holds the bag in the machine. These Red, Blue, & green colors signify the type of bag that is needed. The FJM bags will have a red plastic color and will fit most of the midsize machines. The GN bags are designed for the larger vacuums such as the blue moon & all of the new s5 series. These bags have a blue collar and have 40% more capacity than the FJM. The U bags is standard for the new upright machines, also known as the S7 series. The U bags have a green collar and aren’t suppose to be used in the canisters at all.

All of these bags will also be a few dollars more expensive than any of the cheap generic brands. Since the reason most people purchase a miele is because of the filtration technology, the extra 3-4 dollars per box is well worth the 8 layers of filtering material used. You can find genuine miele bags either in your local vacuum store or at

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Those without allergies never truly understand the daily terror that some people go through due to pollen, dander, and other particles that agitate the body’s response mechanisms. Most people are blessed with no allergy symptoms, while others can have an attack at any time which could leave them with anything from a runny nose to a hospital visit. It is because of these allergens that many companies have come out with products that help relieve the symptoms by removing them at the source. Miele is one of these companies, and the miele HEPA filter is one of the most advanced particle retaining filters on the market today. Since vacuum cleaners are the first line of defense when removing dirt, dust, and other particles from your home it makes sense that they would be optimized to actually clean and purify the air that is coming out of the exhaust.

A Miele S300-S700 Series HEPA Filter

So what exactly makes the miele HEPA filter so efficient in cleansing the air of particles when compared to other vacuum cleaners on the market? There are actually a few things:

1)      Miele uses a higher grade HEPA filtration system than its competitors. These types of filters cost significantly more to manufacture, but are the most superior in filtering out the smallest particles. This is why their filtration system will capture up to 99.99% of particles up to .3 microns in size. When other filter systems are used you actually see up to 288x more particles being released.

2)      Miele uses a closed and completely sealed system in their S5 & S6 line of vacuum cleaners. This system eliminates any particles from being released out of the vacuum once they are suctioned up. Though this does not seem like a problem vacuum cleaners have, it is actually one of the main reason why most HEPA vacuum cleaners do not properly clean and purify the homeowners living space. As an experiment, we recommend inspecting at the seals of a dyson vacuum cleaner and comparing them to that of a miele. You will find that the seals on a dyson are made of a cheap polymer and release dust if not properly aligned. A miele vacuum will not release any dust into the air, as it has to go through a 12 stage filtration system before exiting.

3)      The efficiency of the HEPA filtration is also reliant on the integration with other filters within the miele vacuum system. The high quality authentic Hyclean bags utilize seven different layers of filtration, then the air travels through a motor pre-filter, and finally through the high efficiency particle arrester (HEPA) filter which catches the smallest material. This filtering system is the best on the market and no other manufacturer has even come close as of yet.


These finding are also backed up by independent laboratories that have tested the miele canisters and uprights for particle capturing efficiency. Companies such as IBR Laboratories utilized special testing techniques that proved miele’s findings, and put them at the forefront of filtering technology.

Pets have hair, and pets shed hair. This is a basic fact of life and unfortunately it’s one that most homeowners do not take into consideration when choosing man’s best friend. What they also do not take into consideration is what kind of dog hair vacuum they are going to need to clean up after them. A lot of large companies (who have loyalty to their shareholder’s and not to creating a quality product) take advantage of homeowners and come up with marketing ploys such as the “Pet Vacuum” and charge a premium for the product. Though I’m not fully against this, it does make me angry when this supposed pet vacuum is nothing different than the other vacuums that they have. There are some companies out their such as miele who have the “Cat & Dog” vacuum. A miele vacuum is one of the top performing vacuum cleaners on the market, and no gimmicks are involved with their marketing. Not only does the Cat & Dog work much better with pets because of the suction, it also comes with a larger variety of tools which enable the customer to clean up pet hair and dander in myriad of odd places.

Miele S7 Cat & Dog Vacuum

So what are the features you should be looking for in a pet vacuum? The first answer is suction! Without a high quality vacuum that has a lot of suction, you won’t be able to pick up the stubborn pet hair that sticks to carpet and furniture. This leads into the next questions a homeowner might have, and that is what vacuum actually has the most suction? For most American consumers they may think that this is dyson with their cyclonic technology. This has been proven to be incorrect, and is just a ploy behind some very good marketing techniques and a smooth talking Englishman. The pet hair in these machines actually tends to get clogged up in their “cyclones” and requires that the vacuum be cleaned out by hand on a regular basis. When you really look at what is on the market, the two top brands in terms of quality and overall suction are Miele & Riccar. Miele is one of the largest appliance companies in the world, and is still family owned! When you don’t have to “make the numbers” and be responsible for lifting up the price of a stock then you can actually focus on making a quality product. This is the same case with riccar, which is fully owned by tacony corp. These non-public companies create the best dog hair vacuums available because they actually care about creating a long lasting product with value, rather than a quick sale on a disposable piece of machinery.

Now that we’ve figured out what the two best brands are for pet vacuums, we can take a closer look at the vacuums themselves to see exactly why they work so well for pet hair and dander. The first vac we will take a look at is the miele S7 cat and dog. These vacuums feature a dual motor system, one motor to drive the brush roll and another that is designed just for suction. When you only have a single motor system then you aren’t getting the suction that you need. The miele cat and dog also utilizes on board tools and an on-board 10 foot hose to get into corners and baseboards. We all know that pet hair tends to bunch up in the places, so having an on-board hose for an upright vacuum makes it much easier to clean. One of the most important features of this vacuum though has to be the HEPA filtration. The S-class HEPA filters that miele uses are world class, and are comparable to high grade air purifiers that cost thousands of dollars. When you use a miele vacuum, you are actually cleaning the air and creating a healthier living space.

Now that your search for the best dog hair vacuum has come to its end, you should take into consideration all the factors that were talked about. Why buy a vacuum that’s mass produced in Malaysia (dyson)? When you can have a high quality vacuum from riccar or miele (made in germany and the USA) for the same price. Overall you’ll be much happier with your decision when you choose the quality product!

Thanks for reading and happy cleaning!

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A few years ago Miele, a longtime canister vacuum company, broke into the upright market with their newly designed S7 series vacuum cleaners. The miele salsa has been one of their best selling miele S7 models, as it offers all the bells and whistles people like on vacuums along with a price that is comfortable for a long lasting appliance. The overall durability of these machines is very sound, and the design features are striking when compared to what is also on the market. This unit in particular though can only be found at independent floor care centers, also known in the community as your local vacuum store.

Some of the features that are nice on this miele vacuum cleaner include the completely sealed HEPA filtration system, the on-board tools, and on board hose. These three things make it clean-freaks dream vacuum. The HEPA filtration system is second to none and the exhaust is comparable to some of the most expensive hospital grade air purifiers. With this filtration miele has been able to cure allergy sufferers symptoms by removing common allergens and dust particles from the home. The on-board tools and hose making cleaning stairs and baseboards much easier than it ever was. The 10 ft. reach can be used to reach ceiling fan blades and other dusty areas that can’t normally be reached with a conventional vacuum cleaner.

The only gripes that we sometimes hear from consumers is the overall weight of this machine. It is considerably heavier than an oreck, but is right in line with all other upright vacuums such as the hoover, dyson, & shark. It is also important to note that among consumers miele is rated the highest in overall customer satisfaction. The durability of these machines is seen as their strongest attribute as they are made to last as long as 20+  years.

When people are searching for a high quality vacuum such as the miele, they can come across some ideas that simply aren’t true. A common misconception with consumers today is that when they enter the big box department stores and see the most expensive vacuum cleaners (dyson), that they are getting the best product for their money. This could not be farther from the truth. The dysons may be better than anything else in the big box stores, but they are far from the quality, durability, and power of the new miele S7 vacuums. Although the dyson vacuum cleaners are better than anything you can currently find in the big box stores you’d be extremely disappointed when you compared to the S7 uprights. The overall quality difference between the machines is clear as day, and one can see how the world has single handedly made james dyson a billionaire through a piece of over-hyped plastic.


The S4212 Miele vacuum series consisted of the S4 series vacuum cleaners, a line that as of March 2012 has been discontinued. The S4212 canister vacuums were a lightweight series offered by miele that had a lot of suction but lacked the ability to have a full size power nozzle attachment. This full size power nozzle is essential for those who have carpeting in their home.

The Miele S4 series first made their debut in the middle 2000’s, as an alternative to the full size vacuums that were on the market. The full size vacuums that were available were perfect for those who had carpeting in their home, but did not offer a lighter weight unit for customers. Miele fixed this by coming out with the S4 series of smaller canisters.  These smaller, more agile, and lighter machines were perfect for the people who had mainly hardwood and tile in their homes, as the included attachments were for this purpose.

The S4 series included everything that you would find on a full size miele canister vacuum, including on board attachments, great suction & filtration, & the quality miele is known for. What they lacked though was a full size power nozzle for homeowners who had a decent amount of carpeting in the home. Therefore it was impossible to match someone up with an S4 vacuum that had light weight but could clean all the different types of surfaces.

After discontinuing the S4 line back in 2011, miele came out with their all new S6 series of lightweight machines. These machines seem to have a much better design, and the overall quality is unmatched. Rather than make one machine with optional attachments, they designed a whole entire series that would incorporate different attachments with each vacuum. This made it easy on the homeowner, as they could describe what type of flooring they had to the retailer and the retailer could then match the person up with a specific miele that meets their needs. You can find all the newest S6 miele vacuums on

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