Miele bags are the epitome of what is needed for any person that suffers from an allergy or is sensitive to dust and pollen. As a company miele has been focused on helping the millions of people that suffer daily and seasonally from allergens, dust mites, pollen, and other sources of allergy inflaming materials. The bags are made of several special materials that add seven layers of filtration before reaching the motor pre-filter and HEPA filter. The bags are also designed and manufactured by miele, unlike a lot of companies who outsource the manufacturing of their bags to Chinese companies. This inside manufacturing process insures that the proper filtration materials are being utilized, and that the end user has a product that will eliminate dust and allergens from aggregating within the home.

The miele bags themselves come in several different size variations that correspond the proper miele vacuum. The FJM bags are designed for the smaller machines and have a lower dirt capacity than the comparable GN bags. GN bags have typically been used in the larger machines and have about a 30-40% larger capacity. Other bag types such as U bags are used in their upright machines and are not designed to be used with the canisters. When inserted into the machine the bags attach to a plastic holding bracket which secures it and keeps it from moving. The plastic mount located on the bag is color coordinated with the inside bag holder, in order to keep the customer informed of the proper bag to choose.

It is necessary though to always use miele genuine bags as opposed to generic ones. Genuine miele bags have been proven to retain much more particles, and counterfeit HEPA filtration bags have been shown to release up to 288x more material. It is imperative that someone who has allergies be aware of these differences, as the filtration is one of the main reasons a homeowner buys a miele vacuum cleaner.

Overall miele bags are a very high quality bag and operate as 7 of the 12 layers of filtration in the vacuum cleaners. The high grade material keeps the customer assured that all of the allergens and dust particles are being captured, and that they are creating a healthy living environment.

Thanks for reading and happy cleaning!