The S4212 Miele vacuum series consisted of the S4 series vacuum cleaners, a line that as of March 2012 has been discontinued. The S4212 canister vacuums were a lightweight series offered by miele that had a lot of suction but lacked the ability to have a full size power nozzle attachment. This full size power nozzle is essential for those who have carpeting in their home.

The Miele S4 series first made their debut in the middle 2000’s, as an alternative to the full size vacuums that were on the market. The full size vacuums that were available were perfect for those who had carpeting in their home, but did not offer a lighter weight unit for customers. Miele fixed this by coming out with the S4 series of smaller canisters.  These smaller, more agile, and lighter machines were perfect for the people who had mainly hardwood and tile in their homes, as the included attachments were for this purpose.

The S4 series included everything that you would find on a full size miele canister vacuum, including on board attachments, great suction & filtration, & the quality miele is known for. What they lacked though was a full size power nozzle for homeowners who had a decent amount of carpeting in the home. Therefore it was impossible to match someone up with an S4 vacuum that had light weight but could clean all the different types of surfaces.

After discontinuing the S4 line back in 2011, miele came out with their all new S6 series of lightweight machines. These machines seem to have a much better design, and the overall quality is unmatched. Rather than make one machine with optional attachments, they designed a whole entire series that would incorporate different attachments with each vacuum. This made it easy on the homeowner, as they could describe what type of flooring they had to the retailer and the retailer could then match the person up with a specific miele that meets their needs. You can find all the newest S6 miele vacuums on

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