A few years ago Miele, a longtime canister vacuum company, broke into the upright market with their newly designed S7 series vacuum cleaners. The miele salsa has been one of their best selling miele S7 models, as it offers all the bells and whistles people like on vacuums along with a price that is comfortable for a long lasting appliance. The overall durability of these machines is very sound, and the design features are striking when compared to what is also on the market. This unit in particular though can only be found at independent floor care centers, also known in the community as your local vacuum store.

Some of the features that are nice on this miele vacuum cleaner include the completely sealed HEPA filtration system, the on-board tools, and on board hose. These three things make it clean-freaks dream vacuum. The HEPA filtration system is second to none and the exhaust is comparable to some of the most expensive hospital grade air purifiers. With this filtration miele has been able to cure allergy sufferers symptoms by removing common allergens and dust particles from the home. The on-board tools and hose making cleaning stairs and baseboards much easier than it ever was. The 10 ft. reach can be used to reach ceiling fan blades and other dusty areas that can’t normally be reached with a conventional vacuum cleaner.

The only gripes that we sometimes hear from consumers is the overall weight of this machine. It is considerably heavier than an oreck, but is right in line with all other upright vacuums such as the hoover, dyson, & shark. It is also important to note that among consumers miele is rated the highest in overall customer satisfaction. The durability of these machines is seen as their strongest attribute as they are made to last as long as 20+  years.

When people are searching for a high quality vacuum such as the miele, they can come across some ideas that simply aren’t true. A common misconception with consumers today is that when they enter the big box department stores and see the most expensive vacuum cleaners (dyson), that they are getting the best product for their money. This could not be farther from the truth. The dysons may be better than anything else in the big box stores, but they are far from the quality, durability, and power of the new miele S7 vacuums. Although the dyson vacuum cleaners are better than anything you can currently find in the big box stores you’d be extremely disappointed when you compared to the S7 uprights. The overall quality difference between the machines is clear as day, and one can see how the world has single handedly made james dyson a billionaire through a piece of over-hyped plastic.