As miele vacuum cleaners are becoming increasingly popular due to their value people are always wondering how they can find and authorized miele dealer online. This isn’t too tough, but you always want to be sure you’re dealing with an authorized dealer so that you receive your full warranty if there are any mishaps with the vacuum cleaner.

So how can you tell that you’re dealing with an authorized dealer or just a random person who’s being supplied under the table? First you should take a look at their website. Does it seem professional? Miele vacuum dealers take a lot of time to present their companies in a well made and professional format. If you are purchasing your vacuum off EBay, Amazon, or other auction sites you should be wary. Sometimes individuals can get a hold of miele vacuums and then sell them in unauthorized venues. This can cause the product to have a void warranty if you have a problem down the road.

Once you have established that a company is an authorized on miele dealer, you should then check to see if they are a diamond dealer or not. Diamond dealers are held in the highest prestige, as the diamond dealer logo signifies their presence as one of the top miele dealers in the nation. These dealers most always have sales people that have very detailed knowledge of the products rather than new hire sales staff that doesn’t know the in’s and out’s of the vacuum. They will be a lot more helpful in your search and help distinguish between the different variables in cleaning power and filtration.

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