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When trying to perform a miele vacuum repair you should always consider whether or not you have the technical knowledge to do so without damaging the vacuum cleaner even more. Though some older miele vacuum cleaners tend to look pretty basic on the interior, they have a lot of fidgety parts that can break if not properly put back together. We’ve had many customers that try to fix their miele on their own, but end up doing damage to the cord reel or internal wiring assembly. It is important to know that if you are performing a miele vacuum repair by yourself, it may void the warranty on your machine. You should always consult your user’s manual for more information on warranty.

Though there are not any manufacturing defects with these vacuums, there are some problems that are more commonplace than others. Usually these problems arise by misuse from the homeowner, and can be avoided with proper use of the machine. Some of the more specific things that will keep your vacuum out of the repair room include turning the power off before unplugging the vacuum, and making sure the power nozzle is off before unplugging the hose from the power nozzle assembly. If you fail to do this, it can sometimes cause an arc to form between the two electrical connects. This leads to them being burnt out or induces corrosion at a faster rate.

If you are heart set on performing a miele vacuum repair rather than bringing it to a technician, you should know a few things before proceeding. When you open up an older style miele canister vacuum, you want to be very careful with the screws. Putting too much pressure on them when taking them out or putting them back in will cause the plastic to fracture. Replacing the plastic housing on your vacuum will be much more expensive than fixing the original problem.

The easiest way to access the interior of a miele is to first undue all of the screws in the base when looking at it from the top. You will sometimes have to remove parts to get to all of these screws. Be very careful when removing these top parts, as the tabs that hold them can break if not properly disassembled. Once you remove the parts and the screws, the whole entire top plastic housing should come off. Depending on the model vacuum that you have, the motor and interior components will either be connected to this top housing, or anchored into the lower base housing. Once you have accessed the interior components we recommend that you do not mess with the cord assembly. The cord retraction assembly can easily break if the cord assembly is opened up. If you need to replace the cord make sure that it is cut to size and properly put in just as the other cord was. If you are replacing the motor and other electrical components it’s important to make sure all of the wiring is intact exactly how it was.

Overall we do not recommend performing a vacuum repair on your own, but if need be you should follow the guidelines that we’ve set. Failure to do so will probably make the problems worst! You can find miele vacuum reviews and other information on our website to aid you in any vacuum need!

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The new miele upright S7 vacuums came to the market within the last five years and seem to uphold the quality standards that miele has with all of their appliances. These uprights are the pinnacle of miele vacuum design, and although it seems a bit odd to say, they took a boring appliance and made it sexy. As with all newly designed vacuums though, there are going to be some flaws that will have to be addressed as manufacturing inceases. Luckily, these flaws are few and far between and we can honestly say these machines make a dyson vacuum look like a childrens toy.

New Miele S7 Upright Vacuum

When you actually get to see one these machines up close you can see very clearly the manufacturing quality. Each of these machines is made in miele’s german factory as they refuse to fall into the global trend of cheap manufacturing in second and third world asian countries. When compared to a dyson vacuum it’s almost a no brainer. Looking between the two you can see that the dyson is made of extremely cheap components and is severely overpriced for what you’re getting for your hard earned money. When you look at the miele upright you actually get a sense of value in the product. The miele vacuum parts that are used are produced by the company for each individual products, and is carefully stress tested.It’s sturdy and uses a good mix of metal components where the wear and tear occurs on upright vacuums. Look at the bottom of a dyson and you can see the obvious differences in quality.


The PRO’s:

We tested the machine to see how well it cleans and we were actually very surprised. The Miele S7 upright was by far the best upright weve seen for hardwoods and tiles. When you compare this to other popular brands such as riccar, hoover, eureka, or dyson it consistently outperformed the competition. This company is particularly well known for using high quality large motors. The motor that provides the suction for the S7 uprights is larger than most, and that’s why it does better on the hard surfaces.

Other things that we liked about this machine is the ability to adjust the suction, the automatic height adjustment feature, and the fact that the vacuum has all the tool and attachments on board with a long and useful hose. The ability to adjust the suction on the machine is good for people that are using this vac for multiple purposes. When you’re using the tools and attachments you want to be able to dial down the suction for things such as drapes and upholstery. The automatic height adjustment for these machines is also key if you have different levels of carpeting. If there is not enough clearance between your vac and the carpet, it will completely cut off the suction of the machine and render it basically useless. Miele fixed this problem by having an auto-adjust feature that will set the vacuum to the correct height in response to different styles of flooring.  Last but certainly not least is having all of the tools and attachments on board for use. With the S7 upright your able to pop off the hose and wand and use all the normal tools you would expect on a miele canister vacuum. This way you’re not limited on what surfaces you can clean, and you able to get in weird spots such as baseboards and stairs.


The Con’s:

Though the miele upright is built extremely well it does come at a cost. Unfortunately this cost is the overall weight of the machine. When you’re using better components and larger motors in vacuums you’re obviously going to add a bit more weight to it. For those who don’t want to sacrifice quality though, the increased weight of the machine is a not a factor. One other thing we weren’t exactly thrilled with is the overall balance of the machine. A lot of the weight tended to be in the middle portion of the machine, which may put a bit more strain on the wrist when you’re trying to maneuver it. They did try to fix this though by having the machines swivel and the addition of an ergonomic handle grip.

Overall the miele upright is for those who want a quality upright vac that is going to last. In a world where more and more appliances are becoming disposable the miele brand is starting to stand out as the best in terms of durability. To this day miele remains family owned and dedicated to their founder’s views of having a product that is “Forever Better”. If you’d like to read about any other miele vacuum reviews that we have available you can find them on our blog or on our retail website

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