Pets have hair, and pets shed hair. This is a basic fact of life and unfortunately it’s one that most homeowners do not take into consideration when choosing man’s best friend. What they also do not take into consideration is what kind of dog hair vacuum they are going to need to clean up after them. A lot of large companies (who have loyalty to their shareholder’s and not to creating a quality product) take advantage of homeowners and come up with marketing ploys such as the “Pet Vacuum” and charge a premium for the product. Though I’m not fully against this, it does make me angry when this supposed pet vacuum is nothing different than the other vacuums that they have. There are some companies out their such as miele who have the “Cat & Dog” vacuum. A miele vacuum is one of the top performing vacuum cleaners on the market, and no gimmicks are involved with their marketing. Not only does the Cat & Dog work much better with pets because of the suction, it also comes with a larger variety of tools which enable the customer to clean up pet hair and dander in myriad of odd places.

Miele S7 Cat & Dog Vacuum

So what are the features you should be looking for in a pet vacuum? The first answer is suction! Without a high quality vacuum that has a lot of suction, you won’t be able to pick up the stubborn pet hair that sticks to carpet and furniture. This leads into the next questions a homeowner might have, and that is what vacuum actually has the most suction? For most American consumers they may think that this is dyson with their cyclonic technology. This has been proven to be incorrect, and is just a ploy behind some very good marketing techniques and a smooth talking Englishman. The pet hair in these machines actually tends to get clogged up in their “cyclones” and requires that the vacuum be cleaned out by hand on a regular basis. When you really look at what is on the market, the two top brands in terms of quality and overall suction are Miele & Riccar. Miele is one of the largest appliance companies in the world, and is still family owned! When you don’t have to “make the numbers” and be responsible for lifting up the price of a stock then you can actually focus on making a quality product. This is the same case with riccar, which is fully owned by tacony corp. These non-public companies create the best dog hair vacuums available because they actually care about creating a long lasting product with value, rather than a quick sale on a disposable piece of machinery.

Now that we’ve figured out what the two best brands are for pet vacuums, we can take a closer look at the vacuums themselves to see exactly why they work so well for pet hair and dander. The first vac we will take a look at is the miele S7 cat and dog. These vacuums feature a dual motor system, one motor to drive the brush roll and another that is designed just for suction. When you only have a single motor system then you aren’t getting the suction that you need. The miele cat and dog also utilizes on board tools and an on-board 10 foot hose to get into corners and baseboards. We all know that pet hair tends to bunch up in the places, so having an on-board hose for an upright vacuum makes it much easier to clean. One of the most important features of this vacuum though has to be the HEPA filtration. The S-class HEPA filters that miele uses are world class, and are comparable to high grade air purifiers that cost thousands of dollars. When you use a miele vacuum, you are actually cleaning the air and creating a healthier living space.

Now that your search for the best dog hair vacuum has come to its end, you should take into consideration all the factors that were talked about. Why buy a vacuum that’s mass produced in Malaysia (dyson)? When you can have a high quality vacuum from riccar or miele (made in germany and the USA) for the same price. Overall you’ll be much happier with your decision when you choose the quality product!

Thanks for reading and happy cleaning!

The Tech Support Team